Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Snow and Ice Close Newfound Gap Road US441

The Smoky Mountains are now in the middle of the first of 2 Winter Weather Advisories for the start of when the majority of Thanksgiving takes place in the Smokies prompting first the closure of Clingmans Dome Road, and the closing of Newfound Gap Road US441 between Gatlinburg Tennessee and Cherokee North Carolina.

Though Newfound Gap Road reopened Wednesday morning, it is expected to close again tonight as the second wave of the snowstorm rolls in which can dump another 3 or more inches of snow in the higher elevations.

The snow expected to fall tonight will be affecting areas below 2,000 feet in elevation which is in the elevation zone most cabin rentals in the Smokies are located so drivers may have issues accessing or leaving these spots Thursday before everything melts by Saturday.

Update 11/27/14 7:01 am

Newfound Gap Road closed again last night as the 2nd wave of winter weather blanketed the higher elevations with more snow. As much as 5 inches are on the ground at Newfound Gap with some higher drifts.

Road Crews are presently plowing and sanding Newfound Gap Road which may be able some time later today. As soon as it opens, the road condition report (link below) will be updated.

Update 11/27/14 11:52 am

Due to excessive ice and worsening conditions, Newfound Gap Road US441 will not open today. Old 284 may close making it best to avoid that area as well.

Update 11/28/14 6:34 am

Crews already working on Newfound Gap Road with plows and sanders. Will have to deal with icicles hanging over the road as well.

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