Thursday, May 08, 2008

Fires on Shields Mountains are out in Sevierville

Residents and homeowners can breath a sigh of relief for now as both wildfires on Shields Mountains are out.

While fire officials still have not determined the cause of either fire, they are confident that both wildfires will now have to be continued to be monitored as they smolder.

Rain was expected today but so far Shields Mountain remains dry. A good soaking rain would help put out some of the remaining hot spots that are still left.

Fire officials stressed the fact that keeping at least a 30 foot defendable area around residences would help keep property damage to a minimum and clearing up bush and debris would also help keep the danger of wildfires reduced.

More information on fire safety as well as what you can do to reduce the danger to you business or residence can be found at the Firewise Web Site.

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