Monday, October 13, 2008

How to get Your Smokies News updates or add a Smokies News Feed to your web site or MySpace.

At your Smokies News we work hard to bring you the most accurate and up to the moment Smoky Mountains News. You can subscribe for free to get automatic news updates or even add our live news crawl to your own web site for free.

How to get automatic Your Smokies News Updates:

Your Smokies News has RSS (Real Simple Syndication) news feeds which you can either use as a live bookmark or use a RSS feed reader.

The simplest way is to use Live Bookmarks. Simply Subscribe to Your Smokies News and use the "live Bookmarks function". To see if there is an update on our site, just go to the bookmark you just made in your web browser such as Internet Explorer or Safari and it will automatically list all of news stories in descending order - newest first.

The other option is to use a RSS News Feed Reader such as Google Reader. This site has a simple introduction video.

Go to this page and add us in under the section that says "Stay close to friends and family!" and under the username add in "yoursmokies". Add in other sites with feeds that interest you and then when you check your Google news reader page, all of the new updates will be there.

There are many other News Readers so see which one you like best.

How to add your Smokies News Updates to your web site.
Now you can have the latest Smokies News on your web site by adding a free Your Smokies news crawl on your web site, blog or Myspace page.

Listed below is what the news crawl looks like as well as the html code for the link.

The HTML code:
<a href=""><img src="" alt="Your Smokies News"><br />Your Smokies News</a>

Highlight the code above in green, copy (on PCs Control C) and the Paste (on PCs Control V) into the body of your web site.

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