Saturday, November 08, 2008

Drivers, hikers and bikers need to be cautious today in the Smokies

Colorful fall leaves that were washed down on the Smoky Mountains roadways and hiking trails by the much needed rain we just got is creating hazardous conditions for hikers, bikers and drivers who are not cautious.

While were expecting and needed far more rain than what came, we are thankful what we did get even if it knocked down all the fall leaves that are past peak a little early.

With the increased moisture the small creek and streams though still low have been slightly replenished. If you are planning on coming into the Great Smoky Mountains national park, today should be a waterfall day where you can appreciate the slight gain in water flow over any of the many waterfalls and cascades the national park.

Please make sure that if you are hiking you pay special attention to any wet leaves on rocks and on wet trail floors which could be like skating on ice when you least expect it!

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smoky scout said...

On Thursday Big Creek Trail was terrific with leaf color, on Friday lower Newton Bald was beautiful as well, and today on Kephart/Grassy Branch/Dry Sluice Gap all the leaves were washed to the ground