Friday, November 27, 2009

Holiday Snowfall Does Not Affect Smokies But The Weather Can Still Be Treacherous For Hikers.

Luckily most of the snowfall, what little there was, did not severely impact the Smokies other than closing Clingmans Dome Road, cause a few fender benders and create a light build up of snow and ice on Newfound Gap Road US 441 which has not hampered traffic.

Though the light dusting of snow makes for pretty pictures at the highest elevations, the high winds and plummeting temperatures for the next few days should have hikers and campers in backcountry concerned and making sure that they are properly equipped so they will not have issues with exposure.

Presently there are 30 mph sustained winds in some areas with much higher gusts. The wind-chill factor in places such as Newfound Gap, Clingmans Dome and Mt Le Conte will be at -2 degrees Fahrenheit or even lower and when temperatures plunge tonight, could prove dangerous for those not prepared.

Hikers and campers should wear plenty of layers that can put on and take off easily so as to not overheat and later be chilled with sweat soaked clothing. It is best to not wear cotton which can hold moisture close to the skin.

Hikers and campers in the Smokies must also remember it starts getting dark in the park now at around 5:00 pm.

Weather in and around the Great Smoky Mountains.

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