Monday, April 23, 2007

Knoxville TN Brushfire Visable for miles

Fire crews are working feverishly with bulldozers to keep a wildfire burning on Sharp's Ridge in north Knoxville Tennessee contained.

The fire which has been burning for hours is off of Bruhin Road and is visible from both I-75 and I-640. At this time it is believed that homes or structures are in danger of being damaged by the fire.

Tennessee is not the only state in the Smoky Mountains region having to deal with wildfires; Western North Carolina has had more than their share of fires this year with more than 2,406 wildfires which have burned no less than 10,000 acres. Last year by March only 1,300 wildfires were reported across the entire state of North Carolina. Statewide the average is 20,000 acres a year in less than 5,000 fires.

This years peak wildfire season runs is from March through May has been exacerbated by low humidity, higher than normal winds and rainfall for the year is 5 - 6 inches less than an average rainfall.

Yesterday in the Cedar Creek area of Jackson County NC there was a. 200-acre wildfire and in Haywood County NC a smaller 75-acre fire in the Cruso community which may have been started by burning debris on a legal burn day.

In Canton NC a smaller wildfire was reported by Haywood County emergency officials on Newfound Gap Road.

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