Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Have Your Smokies News on your web site

Now you can have the latest Smokies News on your web site by adding a free Your Smokies news crawl on your web site, blog or Myspace page.

Listed below is what the news crawl looks like as well as the html code for the link.

The HTML code:
<a href=""><img src="" alt="Your Smokies News"><br />Your Smokies News</a>

Highlight the code above in green, copy (Control C) and the Paste (Control V) into the body of your web site.

If instead you wish to link to one of the informational web pages in Your Smokies, the code is listed below:

Smokies NC and TN Weather link:
<a href=""> Smokies Weather</a>

Smokies Live Web Cams:
<a href=" .html">Smokies Cams</a>

National Park Information:
<a href=" .html">Great Smoky Mountains National Park</a>

Smokies Fishing Information:
<a href="http:// .html">Fishing Information</a>

Friends of the Smokies:
<a href="">Friends of the Smokies</a>

Link to us and let everyone know that you love the Smokies!

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