Thursday, June 12, 2008

Synchronized Fireflies in the Great Smoky Mountains national park in Elkmont - a huge disappointment.

Going to see the fireflies in the Elkmont area of the Great Smoky Mountains national park along with more than 1,050 other people waiting to watch the lighting bugs in the woods and fields all flash at the same time was a huge disappointment.

The shuttle service where you ride in a trolley for $1 round trip that picks you up in the Sugarlands visitor center parking lot starting at 6:00 pm and takes you right to the area in Elkmont where the firefly beetles perform nature's finest light show ran smoothly.

The area in Elkmont along the Little River in the GSMNP where the lightning bugs flash their lights to attract mates is one of the nicest areas of the park - large trees, heavy growth, huge moss covered boulders and a roaring river with many little waterfalls and pools as the river meanders along the hiking path.

The people who came to watch the fireflies - even the kids - were all courteous and well behaved and everyone seemed to be having a great time sitting in folding chairs, hiking on the trail, picnicking and playing with their kids.

When the firefly bugs really starting kicking in their light show at around 9:30 pm even people who saw it before were dazzled by the display of synchronized lights, random flashes and short periods of darkness.

Here is the huge disappointment: digital pictures and movies can not capture this awesome display! I tried everything and second time I came to see the fireflies I just tried to find the words to describe the beauty of the firefly show and it just can't be done! What a huge disappointment.

Besides this major disappointment I had to suffer, I had a great time both nights and will be sure to come out again this season to see the synchronized firefly beetles in Elkmont.

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Synchronized Fireflies in the Great Smoky Mountains


aberrantgeek said...

This is a horribly titled blog post. I'm wonder how many people did not read your entire blog post to discover that the "huge disappointment" was that it was so amazing that it pained you that you couldn't get it on film.

Kate said...

I agree, what a horrible way to write about such a fantastic natural phenomenon! The author could've at least tried to convey through the article's title that the HUGE disappointment was in his electronic equipment and not the fireflies light display. Unless he was actually disappointed with the fireflies themselves for not being compatible with his video camera, in which case I'd have to say that this entire article is just a terrible piece of nature writing/reporting, in other words A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT.