Monday, February 02, 2009

Lost Hiker emerges from Pisgah National Forest unharmed

Lost 22 year old hiker Lindsey Pfundstein emerged from near the trailhead where she parked her car close to NC 280 near the border between Transylvania and Henderson counties while more than 50 persons where feverishly searching for her.

Luckily Lindsey realized she was lost before sunset yesterday and was able to navigate her way to the Buckhorn Gap shelter with the help of a map she had brought along. She did bring along a small backpack with three liters of water and managed to stuff leaves in a hammock to stay warm.

She ultimately ended up being 10 miles away last night from where she intended to be on the return portion of her loop. If she did not think clearly and had acted appropriately, the story of the missing 22 year old female hiker missing in the Pisgah National Forest would have ended tragically.

Other than being under equipped I would suggest in the future to Lindsey that she should have brought her cell phone along on the hiking trail which she left on the car. Even if she was out of range, a cell phone could have been zeroed in on by search and rescue teams.

Good job Lindsey Pfundstein!

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