Monday, February 23, 2009

Smoky Mountains camping club forming in Asheville

Camping in the Smoky Mountains can't be beaten and The Good Sam Club is looking to form a new chapter in Asheville area in Western North Carolina to start camping as a group in April with places and times yet to be determined.

Join the Good Sam Club and you can be part of the great fun they will have camping in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina!

FREE Camping -Join the Good Sam Club today!

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David Bruce said...

I did an article on one of my blogs about the Good Sam Club.

It seems the Club comes to the Great Frederick Fair in Frederick Maryland every year.

I took pictures of the RV's which were amazingly appointed and put them on my flickr account.

Interesting club they have there.

Some RV's were decked out like Caddilacs or BWMs.

Some had wide screen, flat screen TVs. I was amazed.