Friday, March 16, 2007

3 more fires in the Shields Mountain area of TN Smoky Mountains.

Fire officials just don't get why people aren't heading their warnings about the growing fire danger but at least all 3 wild fires in Sevier County were only minor.

The latest 3 fires reported to us Smokies didn't damage any homes large wilderness areas and fortunately there were no injuries but if it were not for the hard work and fast response of the fire department, this story could have had a far more depressing ending.

The last batch of Smokies fires were due to a smoldering stump from last weeks fire burn area in Shields Mountain that burst into flames, a brush fire on Upper Middlecreek that burned approximately 9 acres, and on Pine Mountain Road a less than a quarter of an acre was burned near the roadside.

Let's hope that everyone pays special attention and that some real soaking rains come soon to reduce the danger of fire.

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