Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Beaverdam NC Developer to comply with Buncombe County Planning Board

North of Asheville North Carolina is the Beaverdam community and this is where developers plan to divide almost 180 acres and the end of Wolfe Cove Road into lots where homes are going to be built. Last year residents opposed the plans for development and now Buncombe County Zoning Administrator Jim Coman notified the developers that the plans that they submitted don't comply with tougher zoning regulations.

An attorney for the developers Brian Gulden has responded that his client to Beaverdam Land Conservancy who is planning to develop this area commonly called Bartram's Walk plan to comply with the tougher new restrictions that went into effect July 1st 2006 and will be submitting new plans by April of 2007.

The new rules in question that affect the original 117 home sites that are planned to be built call for changes in how storm water is handled as well as having lowered density development on the sloops that have a steeper grade. The number of homes that can be built must be reduced in order to comply with the new county development rules.

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