Thursday, March 08, 2007

LeConte Lodge in GSMNP set to open for 2007

No more heavy winter storms with snow and ice are expected so LeConte Lodge high atop Mount LeConte and various picnic areas throughout the North Carolina and Tennessee sections of the Great Smoky Mountains national park are set to open for the 2007 tourist season.

There is no more spectacular place to stay the Smoky Mountains national park than the LeConte Lodge. The lodge sits at 6,593 feet of elevation and can only accessed by hiking up one of the three major trails leading to the summit of Mt Le Conte - the 2nd highest peak in the Smoky Mountains. The shortest trail to get to the summit is at Newfound Road at the Alum Cave trailhead. This trail is still a 10 mile round trip hike and is rather strenuous.

LeConte Lodge

LeConte Lodge will be opening on March 19th and reservations are required and often the lodge can be booked many months in advance. Stays at the Le Conte Lodge include breakfast and dinner and the price is $93 per night. Children 10 and under can stay with an adult for $72.50 a night.

To make a reservation for Le Conte lodge you can call (865) 429-5704 or fax (865) 774-0045 their email address is

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