Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gas prices dropping in the Smoky Mountains and gas supplies are rising

Hurricane Ike caused a huge spike in gas prices in the Smokies and shortages throughout the North Carolina and Tennessee Smoky Mountains along with claims of gouging especially by Pilot gas stations.

Today saw huge drops in prices and almost all stations we surveyed had plenty of gas in all grades. Most gas stations were above $4.50 in the morning by the end of the day were back to teetering at the $4 per gallon mark or just below - a far cry from $5.50 and more just a few days ago.

Since the hurricane did less damage than expected but there was some damage to drilling and pumping stations, prices are expected to go down but may take weeks to return to August pricing even though the price of a barrel crude oil has dropped to prices not seen since April.

Let's hope the price of gas in the Smokies gets back to under $3 per gallon again real quickly to help give a boost the much need tourism - especially during peak leaf season.

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Anonymous said...

When recently was gas under $3.00 a gallon? I wouldn't hold your breath expecting it to ever be there again, especially in time for peak leaf season.