Sunday, September 28, 2008

Gas Shortages in the Smokies start to ease - slowly

Gradually is getting easier to find gas and the lines at the gas stations around the Smokies are getting smaller as the gas shortage in the Smoky Mountains appears to be waning.

The gas shortage in western North Carolina and Tennessee caused by the after effects of Hurricane Ike was a real wake up call for drivers around the nation.

Even though the Smoky Mountains was far away from any direct effects of the storm, the ripple effect of the gas shortage caused supplies to dry up and prices to break all previous records.

Gas Shortages in the Smokies start to ease - slowly

Gas gouging was a definite problem here in the Smoky Mountains and unfortunately some of the tourists being gouged will not come back to the Smokies in the future and I don't blame them.

Obviously the outrageous gas prices and devastating shortages are just a preview of what will eventually be far more commonplace throughout the country in years to come and they may not even be triggered by a hurricane or natural disaster.

With tourism a key driver of the Smokies economy which is already on the decline because of high gas prices and a shaky economy, it is sad that a few unscrupulous business persons can cause such potential damage to the local economy in the Smoky Mountains.


smoky scout said...

I had to cancel a long-planned weekend hiking in the Smokies with a Girl Scout troop for National Public Lands Day because of the uncertainties of gas availability. We had reserved a group site at Smokemont, so we wasted $70. We were extremely disappointed, as rescheduling with high school kids is difficult.

Seems my project of hiking the Smokies 900 this year is ill-timed with all the craziness and economic woes. But a promise is a promise and I'll keep trying

Smokies Hiker said...

Keep up the hiking for your cause. I have found that some twists and turns only make the final victory sweeter.

For those that don't know Smoky Scouts blog is

A sore foot has delayed my last hike by a week. Other than the last 15 miles I have done all the trails and roads in the GSMNP in both directions - no car shuttles - no key swaps - no overnights - each trail and road in all 4 seasons - all in under a year. Should be done Thursday: Lakeshore 86-77 want to join me?

smoky scout said...

I would absolutely LOVE to join you and be in the presence of such a triumph -- but I will be hiking trails over in the Elkmont section on an already-planned trip with another hiking buddy that day. If you feel the urge to go another round, let me know, as I'm always looking for hiking partners. I'll be thinking of you on Thursday!

Smokies Hiker said...

Maybe in the next few weeks we can meet up as most of the week I will be watching the elk and hiking in Cataloochee.

Make sure to do Goshin Prong when the leaves are out even if you must rehike it!

I have to gas up still in TN though with the much higher prices and shortages in NC.