Wednesday, December 02, 2009

High Sustained Winds in the Smokies of 60 mph and More are Predicted Until Past Midnight Tonight

The Great Smoky Mountains are still getting hammered with high winds knocking down more trees / branches and damaging roofs.

Lower elevation should expect winds of about 30 mph with much higher sustained wind speeds exceeding 60 mph in elevations of 3,000 feet and above.

Utility companies have been busy restoring power and so far no large scale power outages have been reported although with at least another 10 hours of more high winds expected, we may not remain so lucky.

Due to the high danger of downed lines, persons should not be walking around in the dark or in any standing water such as puddles because of the risk of electrocution.

Most tree damage and blockages in roadways within the Great Smoky Mountains national park has been cleaned up with the exception of the Cherokee Orchard / Roaring Fork section which is now closed.

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